Be Empowered Through Daily Fitness, Nutrition & Motivation! 

Be Empowered Through Daily Fitness, Nutrition & Motivation! 

About Lynch Hunt

As a Transformation Specialist and Life Coach with over 15 years of experience, Coach Lynch is the change you’ve been waiting for. His enthusiasm about mental and physical fitness is contagious – and his passion is impactful. In addition to shedding unwanted pounds and body fat, his clients also restore their self confidence — and overall self improvement is always Coach Lynch’s goal.

For Coach Lynch, his life’s purpose is to EDUCATE, MOTIVATE and EMPOWER others to ultimately live a life of abundance.

Coach Lynch is the founder of AWOL Fitness and the co-founder of Resultz Nutritional Supplements. He is also a highly sought after Motivational Speaker, Author, and Curriculum Developer. In these roles, Coach Lynch empowers his clients to transform their minds and bodies. Regardless of your past failure or success, and your level, or lack of motivation — Coach Lynch will give you the knowledge and intensity you need to succeed.

Products & Services

Media Appearance  

Lynch has had many media appearances from radio to television and every where in between. As a speaker, author, entrepreneur and celebrity fitness trainer, he has been featured locally and nationally and is ready to join you on your platform or channel! To learn more about booking Lynch for your show or publication please contact us by clicking below!

Keynote Speaking

Lynch is a highly-sought after motivational speaker who has delivered hundreds of presentations to engage audiences in schools, churches, and corporations. He brings a real, raw and relatable approach that captivates everyone in his presence. To learn more about having Lynch speak at your next event, please click below to contact us.
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